irclogs2 is a web-based IRC log viewer.

The service has been retired.

All that remains is an Apache htaccess file configured to return HTTP 401 Gone responses including an embedded YouTube video of a Month Python sketch about a dead parrot.


Many years ago, in Feburary 2006, I started publically logging some IRC channels I was on to the web. As part of this, I started writing a PHP script to make viewing said logs slightly nicer than just raw plaintext files. This PHP script worked quite succesfully, and had a number of frequent users.

Unfortunately, development of that PHP script kind of stopped, and over the following years, I made some unsuccesful attempts to write a new version of these logs. SpBotII ended up a failure (probably due to me concentrating on the cool bits first, before actually taking care to write something that worked and did what it needed to).

Now in early Feburary 2008, I finally managed to succesfully re-start my development of Python web code (by writing qmsk.web), and I quickly started work on a replacement for the origional now-three-years-old PHP logs. Born was irclogs2.


The new irclogs2 supports everything that the old PHP irclogs did, but is better in every way.

  • Supports logs stored in the default Irssi theme, one file per day
  • Multiple channels
  • Per-user preferences, stored as cookies, or given as query string arguments in the URL
  • Per-user timezone preference, with full support for said timezones in all date-time handling
  • Efficient retrieval of the latest N log lines for a given channel
  • HTML calendar for browsing logs by date
  • Indexed fulltext search using Hyper Estraier
  • Flexible pagination for log viewer and search results
  • Timezone-agnostic links to specific log lines
  • Configureable formatter/font/date-time format etc.
  • Support for rendering displayed lines as HTML, plaintext, PNG, RSS
  • Pretty URLS :)
  • Valid, visually uncluttered XHTML/CSS design using Mako templates
  • Works as a WSGI application


If you have questions about this project, please don't contact me.

There was also a issue tracker available at the project Trac. Not anymore. Remember how things used to be in the pre-GitHub days?


Mercurial archive available at The web frontend is based on qmsk.web, which is a custom web framework that you really don't want to use.