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nr-TTD (originally No Registry - TTD) is a batch file installer for TTD. It can download and install TTD, TTD Patch, TTD Patch Configurator as well as a (poor) selection of newgrf files.

Please note that the project is not under any form of active development anymore.


  1. Download the latest version
  2. Extract/unzip the file into the folder you want to install TTD into
  3. Double-click install.bat
  4. Answer the questions, make the choices
  5. Done


Usually, you can play TTD by simply running ttdpatchw.exe in the folder that you unzipped Nr-TTD to. For added convenience you can create a shortcut to the ttdpatchw.exe file:

  1. Right-click ttdpatchw.exe
  2. From the Send To menu, select Send to Desktop (create shortcut)
  3. Rename the resulting shortcut on your Desktop (right click -> Rename) to, say, TTD Patch

Then simply run this shortcut to play TTD.

Registry errors

In case you get registry errors when running ttdpatchw.exe (as may be the case when installing on top of previous installs of TTD), you should simply use run-forcenoreg.bat instead of ttdpatchw.exe. This instructs TTD Patch to ignore the windows registry, which should solve all registry problems.


Nr-TTD also installs the TTD Patch Configurator, which can be used to change your TTD Patch configuration. This enables you to tweak your gameplay in many different ways, and it is highly recommended that you look through the available settings. Refer to the TTD Patch Manual for further information on the induvidual switches.

Simply run ttdpc.exe from the TTD folder.


Nr-TTD uses fairly new batch file syntax, and hence probably only works on Windows XP SP2 or later. Space requirements are about 20MB or so. Total download size is some 9 MB without newgrfs, and then a couple hundred KB per newgrf.

TTD Patch should work on Windows Vista as well, provided you have a recent enough version (grab the file called, which you may need to download yourself.

Problems? Suggestions?

Not working? Cryptic error messages? Turned your default language into swahili? Unfortunately, there is nobody actively fixing bugs, but you can try asking for help.

Discuss Nr-TTD using the appropriate TT-Forums topic.